The only non-conductive 3-in-1 Thermal Insulation in Australia!


Environmentally friendly, non toxic building material. CFC and HCFC free. Zero ODP.


Dual reflective surfaces efficiently regulate the indoor temperature. Keep cool in Summer and warm in Winter.


Suitable for all Climate Zones in Australia.


Thermally efficient insulation to reduce energy consumption for the life of the building.

Polastic Insulation 3-in-1 Thermal Insulation, Thermal Break and Building Wrap


No itchy fibres or inhalable particles. Contains no toxic chemicals.


Any left over product can be recycled. Ask about our take back recycling program.


Entirely non-conductive and non-corrosive.


Australian made and owned.

High performance.
Premium quality.

AS/NZS 4859.1 Compliant and Accredited Thermal Insulation

The ONLY Non-Conductive 3-in-1

Polastic Insulation 3-in-1 Thermal Insulation, Thermal Break and Building Wrap
Polastic Insulation - Reflective Insulation Icon

Dual reflective facers efficiently regulate the indoor temperature.

Polastic Insulation - Non Corrosive Water Barrier Icon

Provides a non-corrosive and non-conductive water barrier.

Polastic Insulation 3-in-1 Permeable Thermal Insulation

3-in-1 Insulation, thermal break, building wrap or sarking.

Polastic Insulation Fibre Free 3-in-1 Thermal Insulation

Fibre-free and flexible sheets or rolls. No itchy fibres.

Polastic Insulation - Vapour Permeable Breathable Insulation Icon

Vapour permeable, breathable building membrane.

Polastic Insulation - Building Wrap Icon

Continuous cover insulation to seal up the building envelope.

Polastic Insulation is a Green Building Product

Non-toxic and environmentally-friendly green building product..

Polastic Insulation - Thermal Insulation all Climate Zones Icon

Designed for all Climate Zones throughout Australia.

Achieve high Total R-Values in a super slim profile


Thermal Insulation for

Technical Services

Architectural Specifications

We provide architectural specifications and thermal insulation solutions that meet or exceed the Building Code of Australia 2019 Section J Energy Provisions for your project. We consider your design criteria and recommend practical insulation solutions for each building element. 

Thermal (R-Value) Calculations

We provide NCC (BCA) compliant, fully certified and customised Total System R-Value calculations for any building application, to achieve any thermal performance requirement. 

Please contact us for more information.

Section J / ESD Compliance

We provide ESD professionals with thermal calculations  to integrate with building energy modelling systems. We recommend practical and efficient insulation solutions to meet or exceed your thermal performance requirements for each building element.

Need an R-Value?

Any application. Any R-Value. We can assist.

Contact us for R-Value Calculations & Thermal Performance Solutions.

Polastic Insulation - Australian Made

Thermal Insulation
...No nasties.

Non-toxic and fibre free.

Non Toxic Thermal Insulation for all Climate Zones and R-Values

For a healthier home...

Polastic Insulation System is scientifically engineered to perform in real-life built environments in all weather conditions and locations throughout Australia.  

Polastic Insulation  is a continuous cover insulation that protects against thermal bridging, condensation and air infiltration.

Available in Sheets 1200mm x 2400mm (7mm up to 100mm thickness) or Continuous Rolls 1200mm x 24m long (7mm or 12mm thickness).  Available in Silver, White or Black finish.

The only non-conductive and non-corrosive 3-in-1 insulation, thermal break and vapour permeable building wrap available  in Australia.

Polastic Insulation System is a high performance, 3-in-1 reflective insulation, thermal break and vapour barrier that effectively blocks all three types of heat transfer: radiant, convective and conductive.

Polastic Insulation 3-in-1 Thermal Insulation, Thermal Break and Building Wrap
Non Toxic Thermal Insulation for all Climate Zones and R-Values
Polastic Thermal Insulation Recyclable
AS/NZS 4859.1 Compliant and Accredited Thermal Insulation
Polastic Insulation - Australian Made

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